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SDLG has extended its product range to include the L918F, a compact loader competitively priced as low as $76,300.

The L918F is a fifth wheel loader featuring a 1.0 yd3 bucket mounted to a skid steer style coupler. The unit also has an optional 1.3 yd3 bucket with wheel loader ISO coupler as an alternative configuration. The machine excels in a variety of applications, including construction, roadwork, landscaping, work in stone and mulch yards, snow removal, and waste and recycling.

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Although SDLG has been around since 1972, they only entered the North American market in 2013. Redhead Equipment was the first North American dealer to sell SDLG wheel loaders to its customers and has already sold the first L918F to Emshay Enterprises out of Regina.

Contact us today for more details on the L918F and other SDLG units available.

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