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Mack Trucks
The Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Division is dedicated to keeping you on the move. We are proud to be the exclusive Mack Truck dealer in Saskatchewan and supplement them with a variety of hand-picked trailer manufacturers. Driven to provide you with the highest quality of heavy duty trucks and trailers, our products are backed by industry-leading, comprehensive warranty and a dealer network across Saskatchewan.

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In the mDRIVE Automated Manual Transmission, Mack Trucks deliver an unrivaled and intuitive technology which learns and adapts to your personal driving styles. The mDRIVE continuously monitors changes in grade, vehicle speed, throttle position, acceleration, torque demand and combined vehicle weight and selects the best gear to optimize your fuel economy.

Mack Truck Product Line

In addition to Mack Trucks, Redhead Equipment also carries a line of trailers which have been hand-picked to deliver the right hauling equipment for your needs. The trailers we carry include BWS EZ-2-Load (tag, equipment, highway, oilfield and forestry trailers), NeuStar (end dump gravel trailers), De Cap Trailers (belly dump trailers), MAC Trailers (aluminum dump, flatbed and pneumatic tank trailers) and Trail King (equipment hauling trailers).

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