Your Equipment doesn't call the shots, you do.

Save now on a breakdown prevention package starting at $199*

Stay on top of major repairs and take control of the health of your machine with Redhead Equipment’s Breakdown Prevention Package. When you’re in your busy season, you can’t be slowed down by an equipment breakdown – prevent problems before they occur by maintaining your machine on your schedule. 

Through our Oil Analysis and Complete Inspection, Redhead Equipment will send oil samples of your hydraulics, engine, transmission and differentials for analysis while our trained technicians perform a comprehensive inspection on your machine. Together, these two services keep you on the job site when it matters most.

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The Redhead Equipment Complete Inspection delivers a comprehensive checkup of all the areas that affect the health of your equipment.

Includes inspection of:

  • All Fluids
  • Air Cleaner System
  • Belt Wear and Tension
  • Cooling System Hoses, Hose Connections, Heater Core and Defroster
  • Air Conditioning Operation
  • Door, Window(s), and Seat Operations
  • Wipers and Lights
  • Back Up Alarm
  • Drive Chain (if equipped)
  • Cutting Edges and Bucket Teeth
  • Steering System, Linkage, Hoses and Cylinders for Leaks
  • Hydraulic System, Linkage, Hoses and Cylinders for Leaks
  • Operational Test of Brake System including Emergency Brake and Linkage


The Redhead Equipment Oil Analysis provides you with oil samples, a comprehensive oil analysis, and diagnostics for your equipment.

Includes oil sampling of:

  • Transmission
  • Hydraulics
  • Engine
  • Differentials

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