100 Years of Farmall Tractors

Redhead Equipment has been a Case IH and Farmall dealer since 1991. We are proud to offer our customers one of the most trusted brands in the industry. 2023 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Farmall tractors from Case IH. Learn more about the brand’s rich history below!


International Harvester engineer Bert R. Benjamin has a vision for a tractor that can do it all. A tractor that can replace horses. A revolutionary design that will change farming forever. The first prototype is hand-built.


The Farmall F series tractor launches after being designed with a more powerful three-plow tractor for farmers with 200+ acres, along with innovations like a four-speed transmission and gasoline engine.


The introduction of the second-generation Farmall tractor, the famous letter series, includes A and B (small-sized), H (middle-sized) and M (large-sized) tractors and features the new Culti-Vision seating for the A, B and BN models. Culti-Vision is a revelation for farmers, as it changes the way we look at fields by moving the operator’s seat to the side of the tractor for a better view while row cropping.


The super series begins with the Super A tractor and is followed by the Super C in 1951, the Super M in 1952 and the Super H in 1953. The Super C series introduces many of these enhancements, including International Harvester’s Fast-Hitch: a quick-connect 2-point hydraulic hitch system, with a line of matching implements.


The number system for Farmall is introduced. Super A and Super C tractors became the 100 and 200 series tractors. The Farmall 706 and 806 tractors make their debut in 1963. The 706 boasts a new transmission that has a four-speed main box and a two-speed range box, an optional torque amplifier (TA) that can move between gears without a clutch, power steering, and a hydraulically actuated PTO. With all these upgrades, the 706 is an instant Farmall favorite.


At precisely 9 a.m. February 1, 1974, the 5,000,000th tractor bearing the Farmall nameplate rolls off the production line at the Farmall Works plant in Rock Island, Illinois — the first tractor manufacturer to officially produce past this threshold. That tractor is the Farmall 1066 Turbo.


After 80 years of firsts, Farmall is once again primed to revolutionize modern farming. This time as a line of compact tractors intended for the needs of smaller farms and residential acreage — continuing the legacy of innovation and versatility into the next century.


The legacy of unwavering innovation continues with the reintroduction of the Farmall A, B and C series tractors. Ranging in size, like they did before, these tractors join utility engineering with advanced technology for today’s modern farming demands and the needs of a new generation of farmers.


Farmall turns 100 years old. With over 30 models ranging from the compact series to the 100A series and everything in between, the Farmall will always be the go-to tractor for all your can-do needs. Like the very first Farmall, the current series of tractors are designed to be versatile, powerful and productive — everything a farmer could ever need, all in one legendary machine.