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Get Ready for Seeding with Bourgault

As any seasoned farmer knows seeding is about preparation. Testing the seed, testing your soil, picking ideal seeding dates, being precise with seeding depths, and weed management are all part of the job. Another important part of the job is knowing and understanding your equipment and taking the proper safety precautions involved when it comes … Read More

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Seeding is arguably the most important activity in grain production. There is no other operation that you as a farmer will have control over that has greater impact on crop yield and quality. By developing an environment for early and consistent seed germination and plant emergence, your crop is in the best position to adjust to the external factors and circumstances that can effect yield and quality.

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You need the right seeding tool to do the best job in your particular conditions. Soil conditions, weather patterns, and seasonal changes vary greatly from region to region. What works well for a farmer in Peace River, Alberta won’t be the best choice for a producer in Onida, South Dakota. Bourgault Industries Ltd. has an extensive selection of seeding systems, each with their own unique characteristics and attributes, but all designed and built with the same commitment to ingenuity, durability, and simplicity.

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Bourgault Product Catalogue 2021 2 of 2

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