CASE Launches Minotaur Compact Dozer Loader

Part dozer. Part loader. All beast. Meet the CASE Minotaur™ DL550 — an all-new, industry-first equipment category: the compact dozer loader. The integrated C-frame delivers true dozer performance and the agility and finesse of a loader. CASE Universal Machine Control allows you to use the precision construction technology you prefer*. It’s compatible with hundreds of attachments, and the addition of an industry-exclusive fully integrated ripper makes this machine one-of-a-kind. It has the strength, attitude and intelligence to stake a claim as the industry’s most versatile and powerful compact machine.

Minotaur demonstrates CASE’s commitment to delivering real-world innovation rooted in customer need. With 29 patents**, more than 10,000 field test hours, multiple customer clinics, countless operator evaluations, product refinements and even more evaluations after that — we’ve put this machine to the test to deliver you the highest standard in quality. Built mean for tough conditions and smart for precision grading, you can take it all on with confidence. Transform your operation with CASE Construction Equipment.

*Machine control solution of your choice sold separately
**21 patents granted, 8 pending

The CASE Minotaur DL550 helps you dominate the jobsite with true dozing performance, massive power and unrelenting hydraulics–all in a single platform that’s compatible with hundreds of attachments. It all comes down to providing you ways to work smarter to increase productivity and improve your profitability.

This exciting new product works very intuitively. It operates as a compact dozer when equipped with the fully chassis-integrated C-frame and six-way blade. That C-frame then can be dropped with a few easy steps, and then the machine serves as a loader with a 1.25-cubic-yard bucket — or it can be run with any of the hundreds of attachments equipment owners already have for their current loaders.

Key features of the new CASE Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader:

  • Industry-exclusive chassis-integrated C-frame with six-way blade delivers true dozer performance
  • Industry-exclusive fully integrated rear ripper for tearing tough soils (optional)
  • Standard 1.25-cubic-yard bucket for heavy-duty loading and material handling
  • Compatible with hundreds of attachments — enhanced high-flow comes standard
  • Choice of steel tracks (two options) or rubber tracks to match jobsite profiles
  • CASE Universal Machine Control allows for the precision construction solution of your choice*
  • Powerful collaborative fleet management with CASE SiteWatch telematics (standard) and remote machine access for diagnostics and software uploads

*Machine control solution of your choice sold separately

The Heart of a Dozer

The fully chassis-integrated C-frame with six-way blade—¬the same blade featured on the CASE 650M dozer—delivers smooth dozing performance and 25,826 pounds of drawbar pull*. Whether cutting or fine grading, the CASE Minotaur DL550 is a true compact dozer unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

Fully Chassis-Integrated C-Frame

The C-frame of the machine fully connects and couples back into the body of the machine, as well as at the front coupler. This provides the stability and smooth operating plane of a small dozer to ensure that all operating power is channeled through the whole body of the machine.

Six-Way Blade

Available in either 90- or 96-inch widths, the six-way-blade on the CASE Minotaur DL550 features the same full range of motions for cutting, carrying and windrowing material.

Adjustable Electro-Hydraulic Controls

The machine’s adjustable electro-hydraulic controls dial in blade, steering and shuttle sensitivity to smooth, moderate or aggressive to meet the operator’s preference. Blade responsiveness can also be dialed to operator preference by independently setting the speed of the blade tilt, lift and angle.

Dozer Grip

Dozer operators will appreciate the true dozer-style grips and joystick, delivering familiar feel and responsiveness in a compact platform.

Blade Shake & Fine Grading

The CASE Minotaur DL550 offers many of the most popular features from the CASE line of full-sized dozers, including blade shake for shedding sticky material from the blade, and fine grading for added control when it matters the most.

CASE Universal Machine Control

Outfit the machine for added precision, productivity and efficiency with machine control from any of the three major providers** with CASE Universal Machine Control.

*Performance specs based on 14″ steel-track configuration
**Machine control solutions sold separately

The Ultimate Site Loader and Attachment Beast

Load the high trucks. Lift the heavy pallets. Throw on a mulching head and become a land clearing beast. The CASE Minotaur DL550 excels as a loader, as an attachment platform, and as an all-around material handler. A vertical lifting path with a massive hinge pin height of 140.2 inches and a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 5,500 pounds* makes this a powerful site loader to count on every day. And standard enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics equip you with the power to run almost any attachment.

Heavy-Duty 1.25-Cubic-Yard-Bucket

The massive standard bucket makes quick work of piles, easily moves material around site, and is the perfect size for a machine with such brute force and power.

12,907 Pounds Bucket Breakout Force

Break on through even the toughest soil and rock with massive breakout force, and more than enough power to push through the biggest piles.

Standard Enhanced High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics

Run the high-powered attachments with ease on the machine’s standard enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics; set machine easily to run with standard and high-flow attachments.

Hydraulics on Demand

Dial in auxiliary hydraulic flow to operator preference or the optimal performance specs of the attachment to ensure proper, productive and safe operation of the attachment.

Adjustable Electro-Hydraulic Controls

Adjustable electro-hydraulic controls allow operators to set whole machine responsiveness to low, moderate or aggressive, or independently set tilt, lift and drive speed, as well as loader arm and drive control to best meet the demands of the job.

All the Attachments

More than 250 loader attachments are compatible with the CASE Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader, making it one of the industry’s most versatile and powerful compact machines.”

*50 percent tipping weight

Universal Machine Control for Precision Grading

CASE Universal Machine Control provides universal harnesses and brackets to integrate machine control solutions from any of the big three providers of precision construction solutions — Leica Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble. This allows equipment owners to add the machine to their fleet with the confidence it can be integrated directly into preferred/existing machine control ecosystems*. It also provides rental fleets the ability to easily switch between machine control brands, which allows for excellent rental flexibility based on customer preference. The CASE Minotaur DL50 is built to work with 2D, 3D and CASE SiteControl CoPilot machine control solutions.

*Machine control solution of your choice sold separately

Remote Diagnostics and Collaborative Fleet Management

The CASE Minotaur DL550 has taken fleet management of compact equipment to an entirely new level with the inclusion of the CASE SiteConnect Module — a powerful device that improves the volume, flow and integration of data to the CASE SiteWatch telematics platform for real-time monitoring and management of maintenance and service intervals, as well as the analysis of equipment utilization and performance.

It’s also the foundation from which CASE has made the collaborative fleet management and remote diagnostics of compact equipment a reality. This enhanced connectivity allows the machine owner to share — with permission — real-time machine information with their CASE dealer and the CASE Uptime Center in Racine, Wis.

CASE achieves these remote service capabilities through the CASE SiteManager App (iOS and Android). This app pairs the operator’s phone or device to the machine to enable remote analysis by a certified CASE technician, which allows them to diagnose the health of each connected machine through various parameter readings and fault codes. The technician makes a determination as to whether the issue can be addressed remotely (such as clearing codes or updating software) or if it requires a trip to the machine.

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