Employee Spotlight – Nathan Yelland

Employee Spotlight – Nathan Yelland, Northern Truck Sales Manager, Saskatoon 

“Everything that gets done in Saskatchewan, Canada, North America, is brought here by the people we deal with,” Yelland says.  

Sitting down with Nathan,  Northern Truck Sales manager, you can feel the excitement and passion for his role at Redhead Equipment. Yelland started at Redhead as a Territory Manager for three years and has been in his current role for about two years.  

Nathan says working for Redhead comes with a lot of support from leadership and a wealth of knowledge working with people who have been in the industry for many years. He goes on to say that he appreciates a company that puts its employees first, “the company is on my side, they do the thing that would benefit me instead of benefitting the company.” 

Nathan enjoys truck sales and working with customers because he is helping people make a better living. “You get to affect people’s ability to make an income, make a living, better their families, and better themselves,” Yelland says.  

“It’s fun to be part of an industry where everything that we can be grateful for – your shoes, shirt, watch, whatever, it came here on a truck!” Nathan says.

Thank you Nathan for your many years of excellent service!