Mack Truck’s Sustainability Focus

Mack Trucks sets focus on sustainability.

Mack understands the transportation industry’s impact on the environment & is looking forward to more sustainable transport solutions. Climate change, population growth, and increasing urbanization are shifting our landscape. Mack is putting strategic steps in place to reduce CO2 levels in operation, freight, and transportation centers by 50% by 2030, create a climate-neutral supply chain by 2050, and reduce building energy by 2.5% each year.

You may be wondering how Mack plans to achieve these goals. Mack is looking to grow business models to support and promote zero-emission products, develop electric vehicles to serve all segments, and simplify purchasing processes on eMobility Vehicles.

Mack plans to create more environmentally friendly plants and investigating alternatives to natural gas (biogas) and diesel (biodiesel). They also plan to achieve landfill-free certification for non-recycled material at all manufacturing sites and facilities and reduce material usage.

Mack is keeping the customer in mind and has developed new products such as LR Electric and Range Calculator to help customers conserve energy, reduce maintenance and plan better routes.

Mack Trucks together with the support of its team, supply chain partners, and stakeholders is looking forward to offering cleaner and safer transport solutions.

At Redhead, we are excited to focus on sustainability and understand the choices we make affect the world we live in. Along with our partner, Mack Trucks, we look forward to reducing our footprint and conducting business more responsibly.

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