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BWS manufactures trailers for logging, agriculture, construction, commercial, oil field and specialize carriers.


Service Special Coupon Books - Heavy Duty Trucks

You can save HUNDREDS on heavy duty truck safeties, trailer inspections, and oil changes with our Heavy Duty Truck COUPON BOOKS!  Pay up front for your coupon book and redeem 1 coupon for every corresponding service. Coupon book options: Heavy Duty Truck - Oil & Filter Changes Book of 5 coupons: $1,845 (works out to $369 … Read More

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SGI Safety Inspections - Humboldt

        Redhead Equipment is excited to announce our Humboldt location (currently known as Farm World) is now offering Truck & Trailer SGI Safety Inspections. Ensure your mid to large sized trucks, trailers and busses meet SGI safety standards by booking an appointment with us today! Phone: (306)-682-9920 Address: Hwy 5 E, Humboldt, … Read More

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For 50 years, BWS has worked with truckers, dealers and suppliers to design and manufacture industry leading, rugged, dependable truck trailers.



Located in a strong agricultural community, BWS knows first-hand the importance of caring for farm machinery. That is why they have designed a number of hydraulic, air and mechanical trailer options for you to get your farm equipment from point A to point B as easily and quickly as possible.



Perfect for – but not limited to – the construction industry, these BWS trailers are designed to withstand the harsh environments that often accompany construction work. Their Construction models offer a wide variety of options, from their smaller tag trailers to their heavy haul hydraulics.



For more than 50 years, BWS has designed and manufactured logging trailers for Canada and the U.S. Today, they are proud to offer a wide range of designs and options for all their logging models to assist their customers in the industry.



Highway transportation is the lifeblood of North America’s economy. Since the early 1970s, BWS has manufactured rugged, dependable Highway trailers to help their customers get the job done. They are proud to offer four different models: drops, flats, b-trains and their patented ADG.


Oil & Gas 

Whether you are involved in the oil industry in Canada’s west or in the southern States, BWS has a trailer for you. With the help and feedback of their customers in the industry, these specifically engineered models will save time and money in the oilsands.



Do you have a certain product or material that needs to be transported but can’t find the right trailer? Look no further than BWS’s Specialized models. They have designed a number of unique trailers and trailer accessories to accommodate those out-of-the-ordinary loads. Whether you are hauling snow, salt, chemical waste or oversized loads, BWS will work with you to find a transportation solution.


BWS / EZ-2-LOAD Trailers 27DT2X Dump Trailer


Where there is an opportunity to help you, we find the best product or solution to meet your construction equipment needs. Our clients come to us with a problem and we work with our brands to find the right machine for you.


The Redhead Equipment team is passionate about customer service and knows the heavy equipment industry. We have a thorough understanding of the construction brands we carry and can answer any questions you have. If we don’t have an answer, we will get one.


We know the importance of limited down time, so let us help you get the machine you need, when you need it, with our easy financing options. We have flexible payment plans, leasing options, rentals, and access to the best lenders to help you.