New Holland’s 2024 CR11 Combine

The Big Reveal

New Holland had an exciting reveal at the Agritechnica trade show last year; They introduced the all-new CR11 Combine! This is New Holland’s most technologically advanced combine yet, with its new features earning it the Agritechnica Gold Medal Award for Innovation.

Now, the CR11 is ready to make it’s North American debut and will be featured at a number of trade shows coming this summer.

Increased Innovation, Decreased Harvesting Costs

The New Holland CR11 Combine was built on the foundation of decreasing costs and reducing losses during harvest, especially for higher-value crops. Take a look at all the key features from the New Holland press release:

  • A 775-horsepower FPT Cursor 16 engine, a 75-horsepower increase compared to the CR10 combine.
  • A 567-bushel grain tank, holding 38% more bushels than the next biggest class of CR combine.
  • A 6.0 bushel per second unload rate that can empty the grain tank in 100 seconds.
  • 25% fewer drive components and elimination of all drive chains
  • Up to a 60-foot cutting width. 
  • 2×24-inch rotors 
  • A new, larger and fully automated TwinClean™ double-cleaning shoe with automated cross-distribution control that increases cleaning capacity and helps achieve loss levels close to zero.
  • A new residue management system for superior chopping and spreading, maintaining high chop quality and even residue distribution. The new system also takes it a step further with remote in-cab control of the counterknife bank, offering flexibility field-by-field for customized operations. 
  • The new IntelliSpread™ system, which uses radars for closed-loop residue spreading automation. This ensures a uniform, full width spread performance, regardless of changes in wind or crop conditions. 
  • A new automatic de-slug procedure that enables operators to clear blockages in seconds without leaving the cab.
  • The first of its kind to come standard with PLM Intelligence™ features built in. This includes the new IntelliView™ 12 display, IntelliSteer™ guidance system and other essential precision farming functions, like telematics and remote screen viewing. Owners can also exercise the option to add the NutriSense™ NIR sensor for real-time crop composition monitoring, providing valuable insights for more informed decisions during harvest, storage and sales planning.

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