Case IH

Precision Disk™ Air Drills

Make the Most of Your Season, Soil and Seeds

Whether you’re equipped with tow-behind, tow-between or mounted seed tanks, get high-capacity air seeding with consistent seed placement and better seed-to-soil contact with Case IH Precision Disk™ Air Drills.

PRECISION DISK AIR DRILL FAMILY – Make the Most of Your Season, Soil and Seeds

Case IH Precision Disk air drills are designed to help you work more efficiently, so you can be more productive — no matter the residue conditions you’re dealing with or crops you plant. Precision Disk air drills are a versatile seeding tool to help you seed a broad range of crops more consistently and effectively. Plus, Precision Disk air drills allow you to seed at higher speeds and spend less time on daily maintenance.

HIGH-EFFICIENCY SEEDING – Boost ROI with Earlier Soybean Emergence

Studies show that getting in the field earlier for planting is critical to maximizing soybean yield potential1 — and late-emerging soybeans can be costly, with a potential loss of up to $140/acre.2 That’s why Precision Disk 500 series air drills are agronomically designed with a parallel link row unit to promote earlier, more rapid emergence than competitive air drills.

Precision Disk 500 series air drills let you plant soybeans earlier and into tough no-till seedbeds — so you can seed with accuracy, no matter the conditions, and stay within budget. The new single-rank Precision Disk 500T air drill offers a cost-effective solution for earlier soybean seeding.

FRAME & TRANSPORT – Convenience and Durability in a Rugged Frame Design

From welded-frame connections to increase durability to simple folding for transporting, Case IH Precision Disk air drills are designed to add reliability and ease of use to exceptional performance.

ROW UNIT – Gain Efficiencies and Improve Yield Potential

Through our Customer Driven Product Design (CDPD) process, Case IH has engineered an agronomically designed row unit that cuts residue; opens a high-quality, uniform seed trench; delivers the seed perfectly; and closes the trench better than any row unit in the marketplace. And with the Precision Disk 500 double shoot (DS), you can add to those benefits saving time by seeding and fertilizing simultaneously.

TANK STYLES – Choose the Most Efficient Setup for Your Operation

Our Precision Disk 500 and 500DS models are designed specifically for use with Precision Air 5 series air carts and allow for tow-behind or tow-between configurations. Alternatively, our Precision Disk 500T model features a mounted tank with seed metering. Choose the configuration that is most efficient for your operation.

HITCHES – Find Your Match For Easy Maneuvering

Our Precision Disk 500 and 500DS models give you the choice of either a tow-behind or tow-between configuration, while our 500T lets you be more versatile with a mounted seed tank. Whichever model you choose, all come equipped with a strong cast Cat IV hitch clevis for secure hitching.

MAINTENANCE & UPTIME – Reduced Maintenance and Easy Serviceability

The open frame design of our Precision Disk air drills makes it easy to access all parts of the disk drill for ease of maintenance. Plus, a majority of the setup is completed at the factory, which reduces setup time, improves reliability and leads to increased uptime.


Precision Disk™ 500 Air Drill

Flexibility with available tow-behind or tow-between configurations. The Precision Disk 500 Air Drill provides higher capacity air seeding. Available in 30, 40, 50 or 60 ft toolbar widths.

Precision Disk™ 500T Air Drill

Features an on-board mounted tank with seed metering, section overlap control, and unmatched maneuverability. Available in 25, 30, and 40 ft toolbar widths.

Precision Disk™ 500DS Air Drill

This one-pass solution for your fields saves time, work and production costs by allowing you to seed and fertilize at the same time for the highest-yielding crop potential. Available in 10-inch spacing with toolbar widths ranging from 30 to 60 feet.