The 2024 Neustar Tridem Hybrid Pup Trailer

We are excited to announce Neustar Manufacturing’s newest model, the 2024 Tridem Hybrid Pup Trailer!

This tri-axle pup trailer is equipped with standard IMT air ride suspension and upgraded airbags. The 30,000 lb. weight capacity per axle gives you a 20% increase in payload over the competition.

The Strenx® high tensile steel frame which is 2x stronger and 30% lighter than commonly used structural steel.

The box of the Tridem Hybrid Pup Trailer is built with Hardox® steel, which is 5x stronger than mild steel, allowing you to double the life of your equipment!

Like all Neustar Pup Trailers, the Tridem Hybrid’s box is sandblasted, primed and finished with a topcoat of Dupont® polyurethane, giving you a trailer that is resistant to chemicals, humidity, weather, and abrasion.

From the manufacturer: “Increase stability, improve productivity, and maximize your payload with the addition of a Neustar Pup Tridem Hybrid trailer. Built with a standard Hardox® 450 floor and gate to withstand years of rough treatment, and exceptionally durable Hardox® Wear Parts that increase service life and reduce maintenance costs. Neustar trailers are 5X more durable and 10% lighter than the competition. Solid seam welding and hybrid body shape gives the versatile Pup Tridem Hybrid added strength and excellent cleanout.” – Neustar Manufacturing

For more information, contact your nearest Redhead Equipment branch.