WAAS Satellite Update – Pro 700 Video Tutorial

Whatever it takes to KEEP YOU UPDATED. Redhead Equipment is here to help you prepare for the WAAS Satellite changes coming May 17, 2022. Follow along with the Pro 700 Display video tutorial below.

The following maintenance tasks for WAAS satellites are expected:

For complete details, see the William J. Hughes Technical Center WAAS Test Team website. Specific dates for when PRN 135 enters service and PRN 138 is decommissioned will be posted to this website as specific dates are determined.

Trimble recommends that WAAS users that are experiencing issues to update to the latest firmware and manually switch to PRN 131, 133, or 135.

Here is a quick rundown on how to enable WAAS Satellite 135 & Disabling 138 on a Pro 700 Display from Case IH.

Watch Now:


  1. From the Precision – IQ Home Screen, tap the GNAA title:
  1. On the GNSS screen, tap the Edit button
  2. On GNSS: Edit screen, tap Setup, then tap Correction Satellite Selection.
  3. Choose desired WAAS PRN:

FM – 750TM

  1. From the home screen select the Settings wrench:
  1. On the settings screen, select GNSS
  2. On the GNSS screen, select GNSS setup
  3. On the GNSS Correction Source screen, select WAAS/EGNOS and tap the green Accept button
  4. On the WAAS/EGNOS Setting screen, select Satellite
  5. On the Satellite screen, choose the desired WAAS PRN and tap the green Accept button

EZ – Guide 250 and EZ – Guide 500:

  1. Select the wrench icon:
  2. On the Configuration screen, select System
  3. On the System screen, select GPS
  4. On the GPS screen, select GPS setup.
  5. On the GPS Correction Source screen, select WAAS/EGNOS:

On the WAAS/EGNOS Setting screen, select Satellite

  1. On the Satellite screen, choose the desired WAAS PRN:

FM – Guide 1000 and FM – 1000+ Integrated Display:

  1. Select the Wrench/Screwdriver icon
  2. Select GPS Receiver, then Diagnostics
  3. Select AgRemote
  4. Enter the administration password: 2009
  5. Follow the instructions below for AgRemote Configuration.

AgRemote/RDI/Toolbox+ Configuration (AG- 372, AG-^382, AG-482, NAV – 900 Receivers):

  1. From the AgRemote home screen pressuntil Configuration displays:
  1. Press  one time.
  2. Press until DGPS Config
  3. Press  until the SBAS Sats menu displays.
  4. Press  to get the satellite name/ RN in edit mode (cursor blinks on PRN 133).
  5. Press  to make the satellite mode editable (cursor blinks on Auto Heed):
  1. Press until Disabled displays:
  1. Press  to get the cursor blinking on the satellite name (AORE)
  2. Press  until PRN 135 Displays.
  3. Press  to make the satellite mode editable (cursor blinks on Disabled).
  4. Press  until Heed Health
  5. Press the Enter Button to confirm your changes and to leave the edit mode.
  6. Press  several times to return to the AgRemote Home screen.


If you have any questions, get in touch with your local Redhead Equipment Parts & Service representative today!